post-trip . where to begin?

October 5, 2009

So where does one begin after a trip like this?

I have so many stories, pictures, & thoughts to share. They jumble up before me, not sure where to go. And I’m not sure how to organize them just yet.

Should I make a massive blog post? (I shudder at the thought of how large it would be) Should I share ALL the images at once (I took many film, polaroid & digital images), or should I split them up separately? Should I split up images & stories based on days? & should I even blog it all here? Or blog it elsewhere? (of course I will link it here)

So many choices.

What I do know, is that things definitely aren’t going to be the same anymore for me.

Life is about change, and change is good. :)

In the meantime, while I figure all that out, here’s a little playlist of music for you that are from my trip. Almost each one of these songs I discovered during or will remind me of my trip – either I saw them live, or they have a connection to me in some way.  The only two artists that I didn’t see live or have direct connections with are Greg Laswell & Owl City – I put their songs in though because Greg Laswell’s song will forever remind me of the redwoods & Owl City’s song of Seattle. :)

Enjoy. :)

2 Responses to “post-trip . where to begin?”

  1. aprylhazle says:

    So glad that you made the trip. I can’t wait to see what you will share. I’m glad that you were able to open up to all the amazing things around you. :)

  2. Jennie says:

    Split up the entries, that will leave us in suspense for more! :)