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Magic, I think, comes from how you look at things.

The hug from a child, the giggles, the smiles, the pitter patter of running. Even the tears have magic in them, because it’s honest emotion, and there is nothing more magical than emotion. It’s what makes us human.

Often times we will only see magic in things that are “perfect.” The perfect moment, the perfect look, the perfect outfit, the perfect makeup & hair. The perfect, behaving children, being a perfect parent. There is this misguided belief – that we all at one point fall for – in believing that perfect is where magic lies. When we are perfect, that’s when life is good. And at the same time, we all know it’s so not true! Magic doesn’t lie in perfection, it lies in life, which is inherently and completely imperfect, all. the. time.

When life isn’t perfect, there are moments of surprise and delight. Yes, your child giving you a slobbery kiss on the face isn’t perfect, it will mess up your makeup and hair probably, but it what it does do is make your heart soar if you really think about it, because at the core — what that slobbery kiss really is — is love.

So here’s to the imperfect moments. The real moments. The honest moments. The moments filled with magic, and the moments filled with love.


Thank you so much to the special Cienfuegos family for welcoming me into their beautiful life and home for an afternoon, just to capture all their magically imperfect moments.  We danced in the living room, pretended in costume, read books, gave hugs, and gave love.

Read Chrystal’s thoughts about the session here.

San Diego, CA

I love it when clients are exactly who they are on their wedding day — no pretense, no trying to be something, or do something that isn’t who they are as a couple. Zenaida & Larry are a couple who are just that — themselves, and they invite everyone around them to be the same. Zenaida wore her hair naturally, and opted for camo leggings under her dress because why the hell not?? Her tattoos were beautiful, and her unique jewelry kept to her eclectic style. Their wedding was a simple one held at their home church, surrounded by close friends and family. It was an honest & lovely celebration, and I was honored to be a part of it.

Meet Maggie of type & title, a creator of beautifully simple & organic stationery. I admire her talent and skill, and deeply connect to her kindred spirit. When she asked me to take photos for her new website, I was thrilled at the opportunity! Florals for the shoot were also provided by Little Fox Flower Shop (whose work is also so lovely!)

I’ve always admired calligraphy, and in my early years, I remember my father practicing Chinese calligraphy on his free time. It is definitely an art that takes hours and hours of practice and work to perfect.

Maggie’s style is heavily influenced by nature, and simple design that focuses more on quality more than quantity. I absolutely love her work because the simplicity allows for everything little thing in the design to shine.

If you’re in the need for invitations, or even just beautiful calligraphy be sure to check her out!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl

A little bit ago, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Cassidy & David’s wonderful family – people who have become dear friends of mine. Over the years, I have photographed many families, but nothing gives me more joy than to photograph a family at home, as they are. All the little things that go on in the everyday, I find to be pure magic. Especially with the ones we love. Why? Because that’s what makes life rich. These everyday, little moments, these things that happen in our daily lives, that’s what makes life so wonderful. To be surrounded by love, is probably the most magical thing in the world. And to capture the everyday of that, is to put those memories and emotions in a time capsule and preserve it for years to come.

My favorite parts of this shoot? The pitter patter of Rylie and the pups running around the house. The giggles, coming from Ever, and watching him light up Cassidy’s face. It’s clear that she is smitten. Rylie playing photographer, and jumping around the house, as toddlers do. Fitting into pineapple hampers, and sharing love with snuggles, and a fiercely independent little girl. Conversations about life with Cassidy, Ever’s steely grey blue eyes, gummy grins and Rylie’s range of adorable faces. Sharing the afternoon with friends, and giving them photos to remember this beautiful and special little time in their lives.