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I can’t believe another year is upon us already. Where has 2010 gone? Much too quickly, for I felt like it just ran straight through my fingers.

I used to take New Year’s very seriously as a child, I would lie awake at night, listening to the radio with my headphones until just before midnight (for everyone else had already gone to bed). Then when the new year was almost here, I would go into the living room, throw hand cut confetti in the air at midnight along with the TV on very low, and when it was all over, I would clean it all back up and climb back into bed.

The funny things we did as children, no?

2010 has been a year of growth, and a year of pausing and resuming. I’m glad to be where I am now in my path, forging ahead, looking forward to what 2011 brings. Creatively, spiritually, and all around joyfully. 2010 was a year of really figuring myself out more, and I feel like 2011 is going to be the year where I exude it, and solidify that.

There will be more adventures, more pioneering, more creativity, more dreaming and most of all, more wonder. <3 You can bet on that. :)

Here’s to another wonderful year!

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December 24, 2010

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So I totally intended to do so much for Christmas this year, but it crept up on me much sooner than I had expect and here I am, staring at Christmas Eve, and I didn’t get a chance to send cards, or do very much of what I wanted to! Isn’t that how it is almost every year? Well that’s alright, here I am to wish you all a Merry Christmas – I do hope you’re spending it with loved ones :)

P.S. Mumford & Sons = <3

P.P.S. Almost all the ornaments that I have displayed are vintage – love!

snow + hot coco turned chocolate milk + the sweetest people ever = <3

So glad to finally be able to blog this after shooting this a year ago! Just in time for winter this year ;)

I absolutely love sessions in the snow – there’s just something magical about it. :)