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The holidays are upon us, which means gatherings galore! We are having Thanksgiving at our place for the first time ever, and I am so very excited, because I simply love hosting. Zach and I have lots of wonderful things in store, and the emphasis is going to be something low-key, yet meaningful, and lovingly put together. Since he also has a lot of food allergies, we’re focusing on making a menu that is “Zach-friendly” (as we call it), while at the same time, putting together an atmosphere that is warm, cozy and inviting.

While planning for our Thanksgiving, I can’t help but recall the gatherings that I have been a part of this year. This year has definitely been the year of Friendsgivings, and I don’t blame anyone – who wouldn’t want to put on a beautiful gathering and bring people together for a shared meal? One of my favorites this year was definitely the one put on by Lonny Magazine x Shelter Co, which I was invited to by my friend Alicia. I’ve been following Lonny since they began and obsessing over Shelter Co’s tents, so it a huge treat for me to see this all in person. It was such a magical day that I’ve been keeping the feel of this event on the back of my mind, while we plan our own little Thanksgiving get-together. We have some fun projects in the works that will result from our little gathering too, which we’re very excited to share. In the meantime, we can just soak in the loveliness from this day. <3

The twinkling lights, tents and long table set up outside in the wild made for such a magical affair.

Some of my favorite elements for the table were their pomegranate decor, enamelware plates and bowls, and menu designs!

A craft tent was also put up, where we all made fun feather hangings to take home.

Salt Point provided the delicious meats (I still think about that yummy turkey chili)

And of course, one had to end the night with some cast iron apple pie, and a bonfire.

Other inspiration:
- Lonny’s post about this event
- Alicia’s write up from this day
- Some Friendsgiving tips from Hither & Thither  (I became a fan of honeycomb that day!)

Here’s to hoping your holiday gatherings this year are inspired and wonderful!


One of the biggest benefits of moving back up to Sacramento has definitely been the proximity to San Francisco. With the ability to make a quick day trip into one of my favorite cities in the world is definitely a perk! On this particular trip, my dear friend Vanessa and I explored some new areas, and hit some of our favorite local spots.

Up at the crack of dawn, Vanessa and I drove into SF playing music that we inevitably ended up creating into a playlist for you to enjoy, while perusing the images. :)

Above is The Mill, who has probably the most amazing toast ever. Seriously! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

We then wandered into The Perish Trust, which was only a few doors down, and browsed at all the lovely wares they had there. I wanted to take everything home!

We then hit up the Haight for some vintage shopping at Wasteland, where I snagged a cute slouchy sweater, and then some eats at Sparrow Kitchen & Bar. The most delicious huevos rancheros I ever had!

We then hit up The Mission District, and lounged at Delores Park, after indulging in some Bi-Rite ice cream! That was a definite must to round the whole day out. :)

a very encinitas christmas .

December 24, 2015

Last year, just before moving back to Northern California, we decided to have an impromptu gathering of all the friends that weren’t traveling away for the Christmas holiday. Seeing that it was the last holiday we’d spend in Southern California, we made it “a very Encinitas Christmas.” ;) Ferns were gathered, mandarin oranges procured, and menus printed up. Food was cooked & eaten, dogs were played with, records were spinning, drinks were consumed and garlands were worn as crowns. It was a very Merry Christmas, and I thought I’d share with you images from our little gathering, on this year’s Christmas Eve. :)


TBD Fest . 2015

September 24, 2015

Moving back to Sacramento has definitely been an experience, re-learning the city I grew up in. Things have definitely changed, one being TBD Fest! Music festivals have definitely been popping up everywhere, and we had our very own this past weekend!

Confession time: Before TBD, I have actually never been to a music festival – or a rave! This may be something that lots of other people can relate to, but being a really huge music fan (specifically an electronic music fan), I have even said to myself that I can’t believe I hadn’t gone to one yet. The awesome thing was TBD felt like a mix of both. Part rave, all music festival.

It had been a while since I have been to a live concert, and by being at TBD, I kind of remembered how much music really inspires me. Live music especially. I walked away after this event feeling a new surge of life and inspiration, and awe for everything around me. Not only that, but the sense of community, and creative juices that were flowing there really made me feel incredibly inspired, and stoked to create some new things!

Here are some of my favorite images from the event, which I hope captured the joy, emotion, and vibes that I experienced there. My favorite acts of the entire event were definitely Porter Robinson (live), Madeon, Purity Ring, and Tycho. If you want to see the rest, be sure to check out the day recaps on City Scout Magazine (day one, day two, day three).


Performer: Toro Y Moi

Performer: Purity Ring

Performer: Chance the Rapper


Performer: Cut Copy

Performer: Porter Robinson

Performer: Tycho


Performer: Shy Girls

Performer: Madeon

Performer: Chromeo

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends Jasmine! Jasmine is one of my favorite people in the world. In the first years of knowing one another, we bonded over our love of photography, and one of the ways we did that was to go on what we called “frolics” together (it might seem familiar if you know her business name! ;)). We would go to a location, usually woodsy, bring our cameras, and just shoot one another in cute outfits. It was a fun creative outlet for us, and now that I no longer live in San Diego, I miss doing those frolics with her terribly!

A few years ago for her birthday, we took a mini girl’s trip out to Julian, a little town not far outside of San Diego. I never got to share the images from that trip, so here I am, doing it 3 years late! We stayed at a little cabin, and drank booze and stared up at the stars late at night, while talking about life and everything inbetween. That’s one of my favorite things about her — the depth of conversations we have, which can be about the universe, to people and what makes them tick, our own thoughts and feelings, paths in life, and goals and dreams. She is an amazing friend. Not to mention she is so immensely talented in everything she puts her mind to! I am thankful to have her in my life, and I hope this year is another amazing one for her. <3

To check out her images of me and her thoughts about turning a year older, head over to her blog post about this trip!


It was over 10 years ago when I picked my first SLR, while I was in college, studying to be a graphic designer. I never considered a path in photography until all signs in life pointed that way a few years into the program, and I heeded to the call. Photography was to become my passion, and life’s work.

I was drawn to the medium because it put my biggest strength at the forefront — taking what’s in front of me, and creating something beautiful from it. I was never one of those artists that could imagine this huge elaborate scene or idea in my head from nothing. I always needed something in front of me to build off of, to work off of. To combine together. Fortunately for me, this is one of the most wonderful things about photography, as it allows me to take what I see in front of me, and interpret what I see it for others to take in.

It allows me express what I see and feel into an image, when I can’t find the words.

More or less, It allows others to see how I view the world.

And what do I see when I look around?


But what does magic even mean?

Magic to me, is the intersection of authentic life & beauty.

You see, deep down at heart, I am a huge optimist. I mean, HUGE. I live life through rose colored glasses, especially through the camera lens (not literally though ;)). I put my powers of optimism at work when I’m creating imagery, by sharing the best that I see in people (& the world) through authentic images.

When I first started shooting weddings, I did it for the fantastical ideal of weddings. The white dress, the romance, the sparkles, the drama — those were the things I loved when I first started. I love photographing what felt like a day of fantasy. Over time, my focus ended up shifting though, from the ideal of weddings, to the beauty of moments & people. I love photographing moments, and I love photographing people in those moments. I love authenticity. I love it when people are their honest selves, because there is SO much beauty in that.

I love sharing with people that particular authentic & honest beauty with them, through photographs that I take.

When I take photos of things, I want people to walk away feeling like they felt what I felt. Like they experienced what I experienced. To see the awe, wonder & beauty I see in that moment, and put it into a tangible image.

When I take photographs of people, I want people to see the beauty that I see in them, and who they truly are. Being an optimist works well in this case, because I can take all those wonderful things I see in people, and capture them in an image, for them to experience themselves.

I want people to see the magic I see in them.

I want you to see the magic I see in you. In your life. In your experiences, and in all those moments that come together that formulate your life.

I want you to have incredibly beautiful images that tell the story of your time on this earth, images that you want to look at over and over, images that show your magnificence, images that make you feel. I want you to have images that make you love being alive.

That is why I love photography. That is why I love to create. There is too much beauty in this world not the share, there is too much beauty in every person not to be able to show it to them.

There is too much magic everywhere.

My passion, my purpose in photography, is the share all the beautiful things that I see, all the wonderful things that I feel, and all the magic that I see in each one of you for you to have forever.

This is why I create.


Come journey with me.