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I just love photographing food. The process & love that goes into a dish. In this case, it was a nectarine & marscapone tart and it was delicious. Definitely wonderful for the summer “heat” here in San Diego. ;) These were my film images — more to come when the digital images are done. :) (Another reason I love film – no editing needed!)

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Seriously? What fun!

Read their story & see part one of the images here.

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A magically delicious engagement session! When I first met Anna & Rex, they told me their engagement and love story that was so adorable that we just had to incorporate those elements into the session! See that yellow blanket there? That was actually a blanket they used on their first date at a lovely park in Illinois, where it actually began to pour rain, but Rex was determined to show her the park, so he grabbed an old electric (!) blanket and they went through the park huddled under this yellow blanket. Of course we had to use the blanket, and we also used balloons, which weren’t necessarily a part of their first date, but it’s still fun, no? ;)

Part two to come tomorrow – can’t wait to show you the rest!!

film fridays . 004

July 23, 2010

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Dreaming of far away places, on film. Well, maybe not technically so far away, but I do love the dreamy quality of these film images. <3

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

northern california . saratoga, ca . villa montalvo

Gorgeous location, gorgeous couple, gorgeous details, gorgeous tea ceremony & dress, gorgeous airplane shaped cufflinks and gorgeous bubbles filled with fun.


film fridays . 003.

July 9, 2010

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The weather has been pretty dismal lately here on the coast and it’s been making me quite sad. Not like I’d like to have the extremely hot weather that they are experiencing on the east coast, but I would love to see the sun at least! The lovely thing about the overcast weather was the “rain” (more like mist) we got a few days in a row in the mornings (and one day it went well into the afternoon). It felt a bit magical, waking up to the sound of rain, the mist leaving water drops everywhere, and feeling a bit like the nor cal coast (mostly from my roadtrip).

I am hoping it clears up just a little bit for the weekend, but here’s to hoping, right? I just want to see the sun’s lovely face here! :)

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend though. I am currently working on getting a wedding blog post up at the beginning of next week, so keep an eye out for that! :)

& if you are experiencing sun wherever you are, please enjoy it for me!