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Of course, me + trees? It’s inevitable. ;) Also, check out the amazing kicks Victoria & Gary had! Everyone should rock purple shoes at all times.

More to come :)

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A few teasers from the very gorgeous wedding at Union Hill Inn in Sonora, CA this past weekend. The bride, Maryal, pretty much DIY’ed EVERYTHING. Amaze!

Can’t wait to share more!

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You guys. The trees in Half Moon Bay are epic. Like mindblowingly so. I  have Monica & Roger to thank for introducing me to the beautiful location, where I just keep oogling at the trees. And the light. And of course the adorable couple in front of me. :) Just one image & two polaroids for now. More to come.

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Some teasers from the wedding last weekend! A gorgeous tree shot & a “Mexican wedding photo” via polaroid. Which, by the way, is AMAZING. I simply can’t get enough of it — nor the light in the first photo! Love!