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Sacramento, California

The dreaminess. The pure dreaminess though.

These two celebrated their one year anniversary this week, so I thought it would apropo to share images from a post-wedding session we did together. I whipped up a flower crown & a bouquet, and we froliced in nature while taking photos all the while. :)

I still love doing post wedding sessions (several years ago, it was a “thing” to do what was called “trash the dress” sessions. Dresses weren’t really trashed, if anything, they actually came out cleaner, especially if they went into the water!), because it’s a really fun way to get unique & fun photos without the constraints of the wedding timeline (which can often be super tight and/or stressful). We can have more of a leisurely time getting some creative images in your wedding attire, and I mean, who doesn’t want to get dressed up again for fun? I know I totally would!

Anneberg Community Beach House
Santa Monica, California 

Amidst the warm glow of the Santa Monica sunset, Emily and Carl were married. This wedding was different than others that I had shot, for several reasons. First, Emily is a dear dear friend of mine. I’ve known her since we were elementary school youngins, and pretty much grew up together in church. We reconnected after college, and she even worked for me for a short time, helping with the business. She was priceless to me back then, I owe so much of how smoothly my business went thanks to her those years. We still keep in touch, and I still consider her one of my favorite people.

Secondly, this wedding was shot pretty much entirely on film on my end. Emily had requested it and I was happy to oblige. I whipped out the digital for a few dancing shots (like the last three photos), but for the most part, I had my handy Mamiya 645 & Hasselblad 500c/m for everything. This was a first for me, and largely something I was able to do, because the amazing Jasmine of Let’s Frolic Together was the main photographer, and covered all the essentials.

All in all, I am so happy that I got a chance to give this lovely gift to Emily & Carl, & do something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, which is shoot an entire wedding on film. I’m glad I got a chance to dip my foot in the water a little deeper!


To New Adventures.

About 10 years ago I was a fresh-out-of-college-graduate, living in Sacramento with my parents. I had dreams of starting a photography business, and I had dreams of starting it in San Diego where Zach had moved down t0 only months before. I knew I could make it work, so only after a few months of being out of college, I immediately set off to Southern California; with big dreams and big hopes.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built my business from the ground up. Building my client base, working with some amazing people, and honing my craft. Living in the San Diego area (specifically Encinitas where we ended up settling) has be wonderful, and such a treat. There really is nothing like being able to walk to the ocean everyday. San Diego/Encinitas became the place where I grew into myself as a person, and the place where I began listening to my voice, and trusting my gut. The place where I found my wings as an artist and a person, and where I started to fly.

The place where the adventures began.

But even though San Diego created so many wonderful things for me (and us), it was missing something else – namely family, and the community of people we grew up with. And the trees. Man, I missed the abundance of trees up there.

So, after many hours, days & weeks of going back and forth, we came to the decision to start the next chapter in our adventure, and move back up to Northern California, specifically Sacramento where we were raised. Where our family is, and where Zach can fulfill his own dream of finishing his degree.

While I will be living in and based out of Sacramento starting January 2015, I will be serving both Sacramento & the San Francisco Bay Area for weddings, photo sessions & other photography services.  

We are sad to be leaving the relationships & life we’ve built down here, but we know that this next step in our lives is the right one. We will be closer to family, be able to accomplish more life goals, and I will be able to work with my Northern California client base to build my business and my art further.

So, farewell San Diego. Here’s to new adventures!


If you’re in Sacramento or the Bay Area and are interested in inquiring or booking for a wedding or session, please email me, I would love to hear from you! I will be offering booking specials for the first few months of 2015, drop me an email to hear more!

In addition, I would love to collaborate with fellow creatives on shoots, so if you’re interested in getting some photos of something unique & creative, or have some great ideas and want to potentially get it captured, I would love to hear from you too!


bride groom kiss tunnel

sonoma, california

It was 14 years ago that I first met Jennie. We were both bloggers at the time, and I remember one day stumbling upon her site, reading her blog and thinking “OMG, this girl writes exactly like me!” I had to reach out to her, and we soon become good friends (even calling each other ‘soulmate’ since we were so similar in many ways) and kept in touch online. After I became a wedding photographer, Jennie used to always say to me “I want you to shoot my wedding when I get married!” I always think it’s an honor when people I’ve known for so long have chosen me to visually document the moments on such an important day for them, so I was thrilled when that day finally came for Jennie.

I knew the wedding was going to be visually stunning, as both Jennie and Herman are graphic designers, and the attention to detail would be impeccable. From the custom stationery (it helps that Jennie works at Wedding Paper Divas), to Herman’s suit and the groomsmen tie clips (which are initialed), to Jennie’s dress details and hairpiece (which was created by her mother), to the banners, her temporary “love” tattoo on her arm (I love the idea so much I might do it myself when I get married!), the drinks, the decor, the calligraphy (which Jennie practiced tirelessly to perfect) and so much more. Alicia K Designs coordinated the event which seamlessly helped pull it all together; the day went beautifully.

And to capture all this loveliness, we shot this on a hybrid of film & digital, mixing the two together and coming away with some stunning results!

Not only did the event look stunning, but there were some really wonderful moments as well, which is probably my most favorite thing about weddings. Emotions run high on a day like this, and that goes perfectly with who I am as a photographer, which is someone who captures emotions. There were so many beautiful moments during this day, like when Herman read Jennie’s card (and how Jennie tricked him into thinking that she got him a stuffed dog for his gift, but it was really something awesome for his car), when Jennie exclaimed that Herman wrote the exact same words in his card to her that she wrote in her own vows (and he got her Louboutins – to the jealously of all the girls in the room!), when Jennie was waiting to go down the aisle (and was doing breathing exercises to keep calm), all the tears during the ceremony (and when Herman passed off his handkerchief to Jennie — which I totally found endearing and real), when Herman kissed Jennie’s hand on the way out of the ceremony (a total JFK Jr & Carolyn Bissette moment), the stunning sunset (and all the mosquitos that ate us), and the fun barn reception — to name a few.

The wedding was emotional for me too, as this was for a special friend, whom I’ve known for a very long time. The moment she appeared to walk down the aisle, I remember feeling a lump in my throat, and my eyes get watery, as I saw someone I’ve known for the last 14 years get married to the man she’s loved for a very long time. I was so happy for her, and so happy to be a part of it.

Herman and Jennie are two of the sweetest and kindest people I know – not only to others around them, but most importantly to each other. They are tender together, and their loves is – in many ways – filled with beauty and magic. Jennie and I may have called each other ‘soulmates’, but Herman is her true soulmate, and I couldn’t be happier for her & him.

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bride gown bridesmaid dresses details

bridal details

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bride louboutin

bride getting ready

bride getting ready

first look

tunnel bride groom couple love

Venue – Cornerstone Sonoma / Associate Photographer - Don Doblados / Wedding Coordination – Alicia K Designs / Florist – Alicia K Designs / Invitations – Wedding Paper Divas / Cake – Sweet on Cake / Caterer – Sage Catering / Videographer – Motionscope Weddings / Hair & Makeup – LilyAnn Nguyen / Bride’s Gown – Augusta Jones – Lucille / Bride’s Shoes – Jimmy Choo / Bride’s Sash – Haute Bride / Bride’s Veil & Hair Flower – DIY by bride’s mother / Bridesmaid dresses – Etsy / Groom’s Attire – Hugo Boss / DJ – DJ JTrix / Officiant – Rev Joe Indano

A few days ago, I was going through the archives of my blog, looking over old posts, and reading old things I wrote. I was a much different blogger then than I am now, and it made me wonder, why? What changed? Why did I stop sharing so much? In all honesty, I think that is one of my favorite things about photography — sharing the way I se the world. I love sharing with people how I see life, and how I want to live it. The things that inspire me, that make my jaw drop, the tidal wave of emotions that is the human experience. That is what art is all about, right? A way to express emotion, when simple direct words fail you.

Adventure has always been something I highly value. The ability to explore new places, and to experience that magical feeling of awe — is one of my favorite things in the world. This past summer, Zach and I, along with some of our friends, took off for the Eastern Sierras on a camping trip with the goal to hike Mount Dana. This would be my first mountain summit, and it was quite the experience. I caught my first fish, and we got chased off the summit of the mountain by a sudden thunderstorm! We camped at Tioga Lake, which was always a dream of mine – to camp right next to a lake in the grass, and we canoed, fished, and enjoyed the beautiful Sierras. During our stay there, we also visited Mammoth Mountain and surrounding areas, hiking to Rainbow Falls, stopping at random places by the side of the road (like abandoned homes that overlook the mountains) and Alabama Hills, which was HOT, but beautiful.

In addition, you will also noticed more photos of me! That’s because Zach had taken a photography class this past year, and shot alongside me during this entire trip, which was awesome. :) He made some really wonderful images — like the one above, which was just before sunrise on the way to Tioga Lake (to which I was passed out in the car at the time).

All in all, a wonderful adventure, filled with good memories, and new experiences!

Corn Island & San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

I am finally getting around to posting these images from Nicaragua! Almost a year ago, we embarked on an adventure to Central America to capture Brandon & Zandi’s wedding. After the wedding on Corn Island, we headed to the mainland of Nicaragua, and made our way to where we’d be staying the rest of the trip — San Juan del Sur. The images in this post are from just before we left the island, to our last day at San Juan del Sur (which produced the most amazing sunset that day, shown above).

The place we stayed at was this lovely little home, that looked over the city. The most awesome thing about it was that the living & cooking space were all outdoors, so we spent many meals overlooking the ocean and city, and watched thunderstorms pass over almost every night we were there. Our place was even struck by lighting, which actually affected Zach — he blacked out for a second during that event — it was all pretty crazy.

In addition, we went on hikes, hung out at the local cafe and took buses to the famous local surf spot, Playa Maderas, where Zach tried his hand at 16-22 foot waves. Mostly though, we enjoyed our time together in a completely different country and absorbing life in a whole new place. My favorite thing about the whole experience, beyond spending time with Zach and learning more about myself, was actually the joy I got out of living as simply as we did. There is something beautiful about living only with what you need, and nothing more. It opens up life in a way that allows us to focus more on experiences, and living, which I think allows more  room for bliss and happiness in the everyday.