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gorgeous bride + stunning dress + awesome people + fun = <3

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Anna & Rex were married late last year (you might remember their fun engagement session!) and I am finally blogging their lovely wedding! These two are such awesome people, and I am so glad I was able to capture their lovely day. (Can we just talk about how amazing her dresses were?! Love!)

intimate morning wedding + on the beach + film = <3

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I love small weddings, they are such a gathering of love because it’s mostly just the closest friends and family who are there. Each moment and each thing that is done is done with purpose and meaning, because most of the unnecessary things are stripped away and that allows for focus to be on the couple that are joining together, and the love that everyone shares. :) Natalia and Chris were married on a Monday morning at Flat Rock in Torrey Pines, a 20 min walk from the closest parking location, but it was worth it, for the intimacy of the special occasion. Right after marrying, they moved the Australia, which I am so jealous about! You two are going to have such a wonderful time together and I hope that if you guys do move to San Diego after your Australian adventure, we’ll definitely keep in touch :)

san diego, ca.

gorgeous light + gorgeous venue + a great design sense + BUNNIES! = <3

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Flashback to days where we would spend afternoons in the school campus, marking time, drumming away and twirling flags. This is how I initially met Courtney, in the high school marching band. So when she approached me to photograph her wedding, I was thrilled! Everything was bunny filled and amazing — we were even treated to real live bunnies during the wedding! And did you know the best way to make Courtney laugh was to say “BUNNIES!!!”? ;) We used that quite a bit throughout the day ;)

Congrats, you two, keep life happy and bunny-filled. :D

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Can you believe that this was the first time I ever went camping? Because it was. We frolic-ed, danced, climbed rocks, took lots of film images (most of these are film) and woke up early to have a bit of early morning fun. Ate donuts at the Jelly Donut on the way home, and basked in all the picture-taking. It was a fantastic time, and so glad I got to go with some of the best people in the world. <3