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for the weekend.

April 23, 2010

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I couldn’t send you off to your weekend without more lovely b&w image goodness. Have a good one!

(P.S. The Mission in North Park has pretty darn good coffee)

why, hello there.

April 23, 2010

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Oh, wow. I recently picked up some rolls of film that I shot over the past few months, even a roll from a few years ago, and I am blown away by what came back. I love, love, love the black and white images I shot with my Hasselblad, they make me so happy! You just don’t get this kind of gorgeousness from digital — especially black and white images.

And yes, I know wedding & engagement shoots have been lacking on here — it’s just so much easier for me to blog film images because they are scanned when they are processed, and all I have to do is resize and upload to blog it. There’s no retouching, no fine editing — plus there’s way less images to select from! But I am still shooting lots of sessions and I do intend to blog many of them. :)

randomly at home.

April 15, 2010

a brave lifestyle.

April 12, 2010

“Failure is in a sense the highway to success, as each discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true.”
- John Keats

The image above is a very happy accident — when I got the roll of film, I did not except the lovely color cast that appeared in this image. Shooting with old film is quite fun :)

Things have been very busy lately, and I have been shooting much more film lately, but I haven’t been able to develop anything until recently. I will hopefully be able to post more as time comes along, but for now, here are a few, along with a few things that have been inspiring me lately. :)

+ I want a woolly pocket! (They sell these at Pigment in North Park) :)

+ A little behind on the Easter posts, but I love these darling decorated eggs!

+ Another lovely Easter post, with beautiful polaroids and charming hand drawn menu :)

+ Love this post, especially the clock, TLR’s and last image :)

+ Quite possibly the cutest wedding photobooth ever! (With DIY tutorial link)

+ Loving all these items for jetsetting in style. Especially that suitcase. Want.

+ The cutest chalkboard fridge :)

+ I can watch this video over and over again (gotta love Elijah Wood & Shirley Manson)

+ This statement is fact.

And to leave you for today, a quote from a recent blogpost about journeys by the talented Jason Mraz:

…definitely don’t think you can swim faster than the current: don’t be a “try-hard.”
This is a term I heard used in the open-mic circuit for those who are trying so hard to make it they forget to enjoy it. The stress and the need for perfection is a distraction from the beauty, uncertainty, and finality of every moment. It’s never about the destination anyway. It’s about the brave lifestyle one leads in getting there.

Go, and lead a brave lifestyle. :)

(P.S. Speaking of brave, I still have to finish all my blogs about my roadtrip. Like I touched on before, this next portion is really quite difficult for me to put together because it is so personal to me. But I will try.)

baking a pie.

April 6, 2010

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Mmmmm there really is nothing like warm homemade apple pie! I had so much fun photographing the process with my dear friend Emily, and her friend Vince that you might be seeing some more baking fun in the future. :)

Recipe and pie crust courtesy of Trader Joe’s. :)