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 pasadena, ca | castle green

Happy weekend! This post has been much, much, muuuuuch overdue! Kristy & Sinisha were married at the gorgeous Castle Green in Pasadena, CA late last year. (You may remember their really fun engagement session!) Everything was gorgeous, and the fabulous Christina Wright of Simply Modern Weddings coordinated the whole affair :) I had so much fun at this wedding, and I’m so happy to finally be sharing with you these images!! :)

the engagement session | the engagement session teaser one & two | the wedding teasers one & two | the wedding details

 pasadena, ca | castle green

OMG, is it true?! I’m blogging a wedding! This blog has been wayyyy overdue, and I’m going to make up for it! Right now it’s just the details but stay tuned for a MASSIVE post tomorrow! ;) I loved all the details that Kristy & Sinisha had – and the location itself is gorgeous! I loved all the vintage details!

Things to encourage & inspire.

Things they may need.

And love. :)

P.S. Wedding post soon! I PROMISE!

around 2:45pm.

May 6, 2009

As promised! Here are more images of possibly the cutest baby ever and her birthday cake. :)

During the party, I was discussing with a friend about our first birthdays, and she was mentioning that she had photos of herself on her first birthday, smothered in birthday cake. I never had such photos! I only have two photos from my first birthday which were cake-free. Does everyone really have photos of themselves smashing their face in cake as a baby?! Do tell :)

How can you resist this face?!

More to come TODAY :)