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marin headlands + fog + tunnels + mossy & overgrown trees = <3

. . . . . . .

Part two of the fantastic engagement session that was Jenny & Terry’s! We headed to the Marin Headlands because that was where they got engaged, but lo and behold, once we arrived to the site, it was totally crazy foggy! Nevertheless, I was in love with it, it created such a drastic and moody mood from what we had before. And they were such troopers cause it was COLD! The whole day was quite the adventure, with it ending in the car battery dying and being stranded at SFSU! But it certainly made for a memorable day, and memorable images :)

Can’t wait for the wedding!

san francisco ferry building + fun & lovely moments = <3

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Even though I grew up visiting San Francisco, there were still lots of places in the city that I never visited before, one being the Ferry Building! Jenny & Terry chose this spot to be their first location for their engagement session, and we had so much fun walking around and exploring – especially me! We tried macarons from Miette, ate delicious Thai food across the street, and just plain enjoyed ourselves. :) Thats one of the many reasons I love engagement sessions – just hanging out with my couple!

Part two coming up next, wait till you see how the fog rolled in!

(& isn’t that shot of Terry carrying all my cameras awesome? Apparently I was quite the sight walking around the Ferry building taking photos with a bazillion cameras strapped to me because people were taking photos of ME! lol)

berkeley/oakland . on film.

September 15, 2011

charm + friends + food + film = <3

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Oh, Berkeley, you charmer you! Not everyone gets you, but I sure do, and I heart you so much. It also helps that one of my favorite people lives there and will be getting married there next month (and I’m a bridesmaid!). I look forward to spending more time with you this coming year. <3

san francisco . on film.

September 14, 2011

city by the bay + film = <3

. . . . . . . . .

Some film images taken while I was in SF for an engagement session last month.

I love that city. :)

french cafes + CUTE DOG + miho truck + ice cream + games + awesome fantastic people = <3

warning, a massive amount of adorable dog photos ahead (and her adorable owners as well ;))

. . . . . . . . . .

I could live in the expressions of the Sadie buns. She is too cute to handle! So are Lindsay and Tyler, who are awesome beyond belief. We trekked around South Park and visited the ever lovely Cafe Madeline, ran across the Miho truck, and got some ice cream at Daily Scoop before heading over to the park to play some games. It was a grand time. I love how engagement sessions are pretty much hours spent with friends. :)


a few years later + wedding dress + two kids + finger paints = <3

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When Addie had contacted me with her idea of a trash the dress/lifestyle session with finger paints and her two kids, I LOVED it! It was so fun to see these two again, with their beautiful children in tow. It was a grand time, and I’d do it all over again. <3