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Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is nearly here, the holiday cheer is in the air, and I just love seeing all the Christmas lights going up everywhere! I’m hoping this weekend that we can get some Christmas decor up in the house. :)

To prepare for the coming year, my dear & talented friend Emily of emma&bear and I collaborated and created this lovely polaroid desk calendar – which we are making available to all of you through my new Etsy shop! The polaroids have been taken over the past year or so by yours truly (most of them are from my polaroid 365 project) & the adorable design by the lovely Emily. They also come adorably pre wrapped & ready to gift! Or you can order one for yourself as a gift ;)




leaving eureka . eureka, ca . canon 5d mk2

On day three, I was greeted in the morning with more fog, which again was on and off throughout the day depending where I was. My destination was Newport, Oregon, which was roughly 8 hrs away if I drove straight through, but of course, being on a trip like this I made many, many stops. That was one of the beauties of taking a trip like this on your own, I could do whatever the heck I wanted to. :) My first planned stop was Patrick’s Point, which absolutely took my breath away because it was thick with fog which gave the entire place this incredible mood that I was in awe of. I felt like I was transported into a different world. I ended up staying there TWO HOURS, which I did NOT plan at all!!

09.09.23 patricks point fave
in awe . patrick’s point, ca . polaroid 420








the magical trees . patrick’s point, ca . canon 5d mk2

09.09.23 patricks point
leaves . patrick’s point, ca . polaroid sx-70



fog over trees . patrick’s point, ca . canon 5d mk2


agate beach . patrick’s point, ca . canon 5d mk2


leaving patrick’s point . patrick’s point, ca . canon 5d mk2

As you can see, I was pretty enamored with the place. Apparently the beach that is there is famous for it’s agate rocks, and unfortunately I didn’t make the trek down to the beach – it would’ve delayed me longer. So I got in the car and headed north through the fog.

haze . highway 101, northern ca . canon 5d mk2

redwood burl . highway 101, northern ca . canon 5d mk2

elk . highway 101, northern ca . canon 5d mk2

the barn & road . highway 101, northern ca . canon 5d mk2

lighthouse . crescent city, ca . canon 5d mk2

the road to oregon . highway 101, northern ca . canon 5d mk2

welcome to oregon . oregon/california border . canon 5d mk2

Welcome to Oregon! Finally I made it to the border, and the minute I crossed, something happened to me internally. I don’t know what it is, and I honestly can’t explain it, but it just felt so good to be in Oregon. I can’t say I felt this way about Washington – it seemed to be only isolated to Oregon.

It just felt like home.

a glimpse of the sky . whaleshead, highway 101, oregon . canon 5d mk2

09.09.23 whaleshead
oregon coast beach . whaleshead, highway 101, oregon . polaroid 420

09.09.23 trees on rocks
trees on rocks . highway 101, oregon . polaroid sx-70


beach grass . highway 101, oregon . canon 5d mk2

sea stacks . meyers creek beach, oregon . canon 5d mk2

The best part about Oregon beaches are definitely the sea stacks that are on practically on every single beach. The best ones are the ones with trees on them! Plus, can I just say how happy I am to see trees everywhere? Trees just make me feel safe. :)

isaac lee patterson bridge . gold beach, oregon . canon 5d mk2

oregon coast from cape blanco . port orford, oregon . canon 5d mk2

cape blanco lighthouse . port orford, oregon . canon 5d mk2

I made a detour to visit this place – I told myself that I would see a lighthouse like this – a classic looking one – on my trip!! There is just something about lighthouses – they seem so romantic in a dreamy – out at sea sort of way. I love them. They seems to contain so much history and stories in these places.

boats . coos bay, oregon . canon 5d mk2

mccollough bridge . north bend, oregon . canon 5d mk2

into shorewood . north bend, oregon . canon 5d mk2

I don’t know what it is about these, but the below two images make me giddy. Especially those fir trees & ‘moss’ on the rock.


heceta head lighthouse . florence, oregon . canon 5d mk2

tunnel . florence, oregon . canon 5d mk2

the view from my hotel room . newport, oregon . canon 5d mk2

After 12 hours, I finally made it to my hotel in Newport, which was amazing. Every single room has a view of the ocean (and it’s a pretty good deal too!). I arrived around the time sunset would’ve been – but unfortunately the sky was not cooperating with me. Would I see a sunset at all this trip?! I stared at the ocean for a while before heading out to grab dinner (Local Ocean Seafoods – had the Fishwives Stew, which was AMAZING. The seafood was so FRESH, and I fell for mussels because of this stew – they are usually too fishy tasting for me). I went to bed that night, full, happy, & listening to the sound of the ocean.


Day four, here I come!

Oregon, I love you.


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