March 11, 2012

  • i am 5 feet of awesomeness.
  • i started doing pointe work in ballet at the age of 29.
  • i have an obsession with trees.
  • and fog.
  • and magic.
  • i love listening to vinyl instrumental dance records from the 30′s-60′s.
  • i hate bananas with a passion.
  • i can’t swim.
  • i secretly wish i was a master chef. or a professional dancer. or good enough to get on “So You Think You Can Dance.” And WIN!. Hee
  • love the movie Center Stage.
  • i am always seeking for meaning, growth, and richness.
  • i love the word delight.
  • if i had to choose, i would want to live in the country, but i love the ease of being in urban community. that isn’t to say i don’t dream of someday living in a farm in europe!
  • i am a big dreamer. BIG.
  • creating beautiful images drives me.