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Pretty amazing, I’d say.

I love it.


P.S. You have until this Friday to submit your list to be eligible for the giveaway! :)

26 things before i turn 27.

October 26, 2008

I turn 27 in a little under a month, and I was inspired by this post to make a list of things that I want to accomplish before my next birthday. :) Let’s see how many I actually accomplish before November 21st, which I hope will be all of them! I also have a list for my 30th birthday, but that will be posted in due time. :)

Also, to make it a little more fun, I thought I would make a little contest/giveaway! Make your own list and post it or a link to it in the comments section by this Friday at 11:59pm, and I will choose one of you to receive a very special polaroid gift – a one-of-a-kind polaroid image, taken by me, just for you! I haven’t even taken it yet :) A bit of nostalgia, from me to you :)

26 things to do before I turn 27.

01. Take a walk everyday (unless it’s raining) and of course, bring Gromit!
02. Create an inspiration board (or something similar)
03. Make congee/rice porridge successfully *
04. Buy The Perfect Boots [done 11/2]
05. Visit Julian for autumn [done 11/14]
06. Have something letterpress printed (or buy something just for me letterpressed) [done 11/29 - thanks angela & kenny!!]
07. Decorate for Halloween [done 10/31]
08. Spend a full day (24hrs) using no electricity except for cooking (this includes phones!) [done 11/2]
09. Blow up and frame this image, and maybe more
10. Take a bikram yoga class [done 11/6]
11. Bake another apple pie
12. Buy something for myself on etsy
13. Figure out a way to display my polaroids
14. Start a mini herb garden
15. Sleep under the stars one night
16. Buy a new plant for the living room
17. Buy white or opaque tights or socks (to make some cute outfits!) [done 11/26]
18. Buy a Kodak Brownie or simiar camera
19. Get a dramatic haircut! (ahh!) [done 11/5]
20. Create a pose/wedding inspiration book (thanks to Stacy for the idea!)
21. Create and keep a daily skin care regime
22. Figure out what I’m doing for Christmas gifts!
23. Make apple butter
24. Break a bad habit
25. Attend my Jazz 1B dance class! (I am so bad)
26. Do an act of complete selfless kindness to someone I don’t know (pay it forward)

*I tried it once and it was disastrous!

I will be updating this list as I go, and crossing anything out once I complete them, and posting my results before my birthday if I can. :)

So let’s see your lists!!

P.S. The tomatoes in the photo are called dry farmed tomatoes, and they are the BEST THINGS EVER. They don’t require watering, they bury themselves deep into the soil and grow that way, and are harvested only a few weeks out of the entire year. Because of this, they are a bliss of concentrated flavor! Even my boyfriend who isn’t a fan of tomatoes loves them. Do yourself a favor and head over the Jimbo’s and grab a few!

Growing up, we all had our places of refuge, places we loved to visit just to be there. One of those places for me was Tower Records & Books on Broadway in Sacramento. Known as Tower corner, it was home to Tower Records, Tower Books, Tower Video, Tower Cafe, Tower Theater, and Tower Liquor across the street. Sacramento was the home of Tower Records. Open till Midnight.

I spent countless hours between the record shelves, searching through the singles section because I didn’t have enough money to buy a whole CD. The salespeople were offbeat and always nice, and they always played good music overhead. I always admired the way they would sculpt the music promo flyers on the walls, making pieces of art out of the repetative images of the band’s faces and logos on thin cardboard. It was indie in all ways except for being a chain.

By the time I was able to afford a whole CD, I had began to head over to Tower Books next door after going through Tower Records, scanning the shelves for any book that caught my eye. I always admired their selection of magazines there as well – knowing me, being a magazine freak, I would sit and browse through all their imported magazines – that was always one thing that I remembered well about Tower (Records and Books) they had an AWESOME import selection.

I loved the fact that they didn’t close till late because it was always late that I wanted to go and browse somewhere.

Many an hour was wasted there, going through their shelves, buying things that caught my fancy. Zach and I would spend a lot of time here looking for books – I think it was one of the bookstores that he didn’t actually mind browsing with me (now he just likes to beeline to what he wants to get). Me, no, I’m a browser.

It was here that I fell in love with bookstores.

Two years ago, during Thanksgiving holiday, we went back home, and before going back, his sister told us the news. Tower was really going out of business. I was sad. It was as if a part of my youth – part of who I was growing up – was going away.

I made one last visit to the Tower Records and Books on Broadway, looking at all the partially empty shelves, everything marked up to 70% off. Or more. It was surreal and strange, seeing the music listening stations ready for sale, as well as the shelves. Everything was going. I knew I wanted to buy a piece of history, and while reminiscing with the sales guy, I asked if I could buy the metal “Photography” sign that was glued on what was once the Photography shelves. He sold it to me for one dollar. It sits on my desk today.

I miss you Tower Records, you were a part of my past, and I have many fond memories of you. Thanks to you, I have fallen in love with record stores and most importantly bookstores, and I often now find refuge there. Thanks to you, they created the movie Empire Records, which is one of my favorite movies ever mostly because it reminds me of you. Thanks to you, I will always have a fondness for the corner of Broadway and 16th in Sacramento.

Thanks Tower, for all the memories. :)

(image taken of Tower Theater & Cafe in 2002 when I was still in college)

engagement guestbook!

October 2, 2008

Emmeline & Jeremiah are getting married this Saturday, and they are so awesome that I just had to share the engagement guestbook I made for them :)

Engagement guestbooks are awesome because it allows you to showcase all the fun engagement session photos, while providing a different type of guestbook for guests to sign at your wedding! :D

I offer these to all my clients – so if you’d like to inquire about getting one of these babies for yourselves (and they are beautiful!) don’t hesitate! :D

Did I ever say how much I loooved full spreads?!

Plenty of space for guests to sign around the images :)

One of my favorite spreads actually, the transparent image in the back can also be signed over :)

A view of the binding

And the beautiful gutter-less-ness of it all!