26 things before i turn 27.

October 26, 2008

I turn 27 in a little under a month, and I was inspired by this post to make a list of things that I want to accomplish before my next birthday. :) Let’s see how many I actually accomplish before November 21st, which I hope will be all of them! I also have a list for my 30th birthday, but that will be posted in due time. :)

Also, to make it a little more fun, I thought I would make a little contest/giveaway! Make your own list and post it or a link to it in the comments section by this Friday at 11:59pm, and I will choose one of you to receive a very special polaroid gift – a one-of-a-kind polaroid image, taken by me, just for you! I haven’t even taken it yet :) A bit of nostalgia, from me to you :)

26 things to do before I turn 27.

01. Take a walk everyday (unless it’s raining) and of course, bring Gromit!
02. Create an inspiration board (or something similar)
03. Make congee/rice porridge successfully *
04. Buy The Perfect Boots [done 11/2]
05. Visit Julian for autumn [done 11/14]
06. Have something letterpress printed (or buy something just for me letterpressed) [done 11/29 - thanks angela & kenny!!]
07. Decorate for Halloween [done 10/31]
08. Spend a full day (24hrs) using no electricity except for cooking (this includes phones!) [done 11/2]
09. Blow up and frame this image, and maybe more
10. Take a bikram yoga class [done 11/6]
11. Bake another apple pie
12. Buy something for myself on etsy
13. Figure out a way to display my polaroids
14. Start a mini herb garden
15. Sleep under the stars one night
16. Buy a new plant for the living room
17. Buy white or opaque tights or socks (to make some cute outfits!) [done 11/26]
18. Buy a Kodak Brownie or simiar camera
19. Get a dramatic haircut! (ahh!) [done 11/5]
20. Create a pose/wedding inspiration book (thanks to Stacy for the idea!)
21. Create and keep a daily skin care regime
22. Figure out what I’m doing for Christmas gifts!
23. Make apple butter
24. Break a bad habit
25. Attend my Jazz 1B dance class! (I am so bad)
26. Do an act of complete selfless kindness to someone I don’t know (pay it forward)

*I tried it once and it was disastrous!

I will be updating this list as I go, and crossing anything out once I complete them, and posting my results before my birthday if I can. :)

So let’s see your lists!!

P.S. The tomatoes in the photo are called dry farmed tomatoes, and they are the BEST THINGS EVER. They don’t require watering, they bury themselves deep into the soil and grow that way, and are harvested only a few weeks out of the entire year. Because of this, they are a bliss of concentrated flavor! Even my boyfriend who isn’t a fan of tomatoes loves them. Do yourself a favor and head over the Jimbo’s and grab a few!

18 Responses to “26 things before i turn 27.”

  1. emily says:

    oooo I love etsy!!!!

    good luck on the list and let me know if you need someone to go to Julian with!


  2. You. Me. Bikram Yoga. Next week. Be there.


  3. Jenna says:

    I did one of these way back in April – I have until February to complete the list!
    Here’s a link:

  4. brenda says:

    re: 15 that sounds like a wonderful thing to do. i think there is a meteor shower happening in November…maybe you could do it then. re:05 i went to Julian three yrs ago and had the best Italian food ever. and the trees were so pretty there. re:08 i’ve thought about doing that–going without electricity for a day or a weekend (with the exception that the air conditioning gets to stay on!)

    making a list sounded like fun, so i made one too…..

  5. mel says:

    Does it count if I already passed my deadline? I put together a list of things to do before I turned 30, which happened this past April. The things on my list were: to knit something that wasn’t a scarf or poncho (I knit two sweaters and some animals); learn more about gardening (I took a class, some workshops, and started my own!); do a handstand well (I made progress but still need work); to volunteer regularly (done and still doing); and to publish or query at least two travel articles for pay (I only did one, so that’s going on my next list). I am not sure when my next “deadline” will be or what is on the list, but I always have a running list in my head. :) Plus, each day seems to have its own list.

    And funny you mention making jook successfully. I tried that tonight in my crock pot. It was pretty bland…I think I need more chicken bones or something…or a lot more salt! :P Good luck on your list!

  6. Mariana Maya Photogrpahy says:

    Susan you are soo cute! I love this list!
    You have inspired me to post a list too! I will add it to my blog http://www.marianamaya.blogspot.com in the next few days!

  7. Char. says:

    Good luck on your list!! We tried congee while on our flight from Hong Kong to PI – tasted just like arroz caldo (a filipino version). I had no idea it was served for breakfast :) I can give you the filipino version recipe ;) I am DEFINITELY going to get those tomatoes!!

  8. Helen says:

    18 things i would like to accomplish before i am 19

    (i turn 19 on november 8th! it’s coming up soon, but i still hope to accomplish the following)

    - take one picture with my canon rebel that i love
    - carry my camera everywhere, including class
    - make it to the gym every day
    - buy myself a beach cruiser bike
    - send a letter to someone not expecting it
    - give up facebook for two days
    - get my eyebrows threaded
    - vandalize. write “you are beautiful” somewhere.
    - wear SPF and sunglasses everyday
    - paint my toe nails a fun color
    - pet every dog i see on campus
    - stop drinking coffee
    - surprise my roommate with a gift
    - learn how to play the wii

    absolutely adore your tumblr and polaroids :]
    - watercolor a postcard for someone
    - see the sunrise
    - splash in a fountain
    - strike up a genuine conversation in the elevator

  9. Amanda Auer says:

    I love this and cannot wait to hear how you do!! How inspirational. Yours are so, SO much better than mine would be. Since I turn 27 in January, maybe I should start on one now… :)

  10. apryl says:

    Ok it is day one, have you crossed anything off your list yet? I would share my list, but it is WAAAYYY to long. Tim laughs at me whenever I say, ” I think we should do this.” He just tells me to add it to my list of 1000 things to do before we die. I need to start crossing more things off that list. :P

  11. tom says:

    Tom from Kodak here. When you get the pictures from your Kodak Brownie camera (#18) be sure to share them!

  12. Jaymie says:

    Aww, too bad my 24th bday is tomorrow… guess I’ll have to make one for 25 eventually. I love the idea though – making lists is a great motivation!

  13. Tina C. says:

    I just turned 27 a week ago, so here are 27 things to do before I turn 28.

    01. Visit a foreign country.
    02. Improve my cooking skills.
    03. Host a dinner party.
    04. Buy something from Etsy.
    05. Wear a whimsical accessory.
    06. Print, frame and hang photos.
    07. Buy only clothes that I love.
    08. Take a photography class.
    09. Buy flowers just because.
    10. Go Geocaching.
    11. Daydream.
    12. Go walking more often.
    13. Get rid of any clothing I haven’t worn in a year.
    14. Make something and sell it.
    15. Learn to make/cut a silhouette.
    16. Make a scrapbook.
    17. Make a dribble sand castle.
    18. Go camping.
    19. Write a novel.
    20. Handwrite a letter.
    21. Buy a pair of nice (but comfortable) black work heels.
    22. Send an unexpected gift.
    23. Let go of guilt, jealousy, envy and other people’s definitions of success, beauty or happiness.
    24. Take a dance class.
    25. Make cupcakes just because.
    26. Walk barefoot through grass.
    27. Jump/splash in at least one puddle.

  14. Sweet Tea says:

    Like you, I’m turning 27 soon- 3 months. Lets see what I’d like to do before then…

    1. finish my master’s thesis
    2. develop my bag of film that’s been sitting around for years
    3. buy and READ some books for fun (not work)
    4. learn a little more Tagalog
    5. buy plane tickets for a fabulous overseas adventure
    6. go scuba diving in La Jolla Cove
    7. eat lobster in Rosarito
    8. gain enough stamina to jog three miles
    9. get another tattoo
    10. cut and dye my hair in a fabulous new way
    11. buy a killer pair of jeans
    12. take more polaroids
    13. take my cats for their annual check-up
    14. make albums for my un-albumed photos
    15. get my mother something beautiful
    16. come out to my siblings
    17. learn to salsa
    18. eat a dozen red velvet cupcakes (but not at once!)
    19. join a book club
    20. go sunbathing, nude
    21. jump rope
    22. file away all my papers
    23. work on a Habitat for Humanity site
    24. eat some fabulous sushi
    25. go to Obama’s inauguration
    26. get married to my best friend :)

  15. nickie says:

    Good idea! I hope I have time to do this! ;)

    24 Things to do before I’m 25

    01. Juice everyday. (Juicers are a pain to clean!)
    02. Finish putting together my “office”
    03. Go to dance class.
    04. Spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.
    05. Take out $50 cash and live off of it for one week.
    06. Do not buy any magazines =)
    07. Actually finish a book (or two).
    08. Exercise Regularly
    09. Watch the Phantom of the Opera and return it to Blockbuster
    10. Begin a savings fund for my July 2009 California trip
    11. Spend time with my parents
    12. Start planning my friend’s baby shower
    13. Sign up for benefits at work
    14. Do not use my credit card!
    15. Create a budget
    16. Start a raw food diet
    17. Listen to an album that I haven’t listened to in a while.
    18. Get a pedicure
    19. Bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
    20. Watch the documentary “Helvetica” and return the dvd to my friend
    21. Pray more
    22. Blog More
    23. Research homemade Christmas presents for friends
    24. Clean my car – inside and out!

  16. jackie says:

    all before i turn 32

    1. throw my mom a bomb 60th birthday party in november
    2. finally roll over my 401k
    3. do my first ever unassisted pull up
    4. adopt a dog that no one wants
    5. organize my garage
    6. send out my wedding thank you cards..i got married in may, i’m a tad behind.
    7. decorate my christmas tree in purple and gold
    8. throw the wildest bachelorette party that EVER existed for my bestest friend (i’m the designated head honcho maid. yay!!)
    9. call my credit card company to adjust my rates
    10. read more often
    11. pay my dentist another visit
    12. stop chatting on the phone w/o a hands free set while driving..( i know i’m not the only one)
    13. vote
    14. run a mile in under 10 minutes
    15. catch up on grey’s anatomy
    16. donate my out of date clothing..i have lots of it.
    17. nurture my rose garden back to life
    18. eat more healthy carbs
    19. snowboarding in december!!
    20. party like a rockstar for new year’s eve
    21. oil change. my 3000 miles is almost up
    22. learn how to sew correctly
    23. take my nieces and nephews to magic mountain
    24. organize ALL my wedding pictures.
    25. finish decorating my house
    26. figure out why my computer runs so slow
    27. keep in touch with friends more often
    28. celebrate valentine’s day at my favorite restaurant
    29. wear sunscreen more often
    30. start clipping coupons and USE them
    31. celebrate my one year anniversary!!!

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