clarity . {the west coast roadtrip 09} . ashland . part one.

February 5, 2010

09.10.01 ashland creek
ashland creek . ashland, oregon . polaroid sx-70

. . . . . . . . . . .

Why hello, Ashland :)

the moon & the ashland springs hotel . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

windows & displays . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

I arrived in Ashland well after dark, and after unpacking and checking into my hotel (the Columbia Hotelhighly recommended European style hotel), I spent most of the evening walking up and down the downtown main street (it’s quite small) trying to decide where to eat. Nothing looked really appealing until I looked into the window of a restaurant called Tease and saw a band setting up that I found my spot. :) The band was actually a small LA band called the Tyler Lane Band and they were really quite good! I purchased a CD (my second one on this trip – I was well on my way to making a soundtrack without even planning it) and snapped some photos while enjoying my dinner (duck tacos! I can never resist duck) & a honey ale beer (my first one that I finished!!). I felt like such a grown up – on my own in a restaurant, sitting at the bar, enjoying the band & just being content. :)

the tyler lane band . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

honey ale & free chocolate pudding! . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

the tease bar . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

The next morning I went to the first place that looked appealing for some brunch and coffee, a little place called Pangea :) Lentil soup with one of their wonderful wraps – yum! (notice my Oregon sticker on my polaroid/travel journal :)) Afterwards, I pretty much spent the rest of the day going into shops, visiting the park & walking all around.

09.10.01 pangea soup
lentil soup . ashland, oregon . polaroid sx-70

floor with character . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

IMG_0116 IMG_0208
pangea & mix . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

ashland hills . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

used books & fall tree . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

ashland creek . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

ashland creek . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

ashland creek & bench . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

The Ashland Creek & Lithia Park, two places that just spoke to me during my stay here. The stream is so comforting, and the park is so inviting. I could get lost here for hours. In fact, I spent a great deal of time here. (and I’ll spend more the next day!)

reflections . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

the most soothing place in the world . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

painter & cellist at lithia park . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

leaves . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

leaves & light . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

one leaf . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

lithia park . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

09.10.01 fall tree 09.10.01 lithia park ground
fall is on it’s way . ashland, oregon . polaroid sx-70

ashland lithia water . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

thirsty . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

ashland springs hotel . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

Home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, possibly one of the most popular and well know Shakespeare Festivals in the nation, you see this all over the town. Because of this, there were quite a lot of junior high and high schoolers milling about (I remember in high school there was a field trip here – I didn’t go to that though). I didn’t watch any plays, but I did see one of the free shows on the outdoor stage, which was some flamenco dancing.

columbia hotel . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

banner . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

lithia park . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

09.10.01 orang car
the coolest car on the entire planet . ashland, oregon . polaroid sx-70

flamenco dancing . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

After watching a bit, it began to get cold, so I headed to a coffee/ice cream/pastry shop called Mix – where I had possibly the most perfect cup of coffee I ever had. They serve Stumptown Coffee, which I am simply head over heels for. I only wish they had locations over here! But I understand why they wouldn’t – I will just have to settle for buying beans online. When I arrived at Mix, I asked for a decaf coffee, which they said they don’t have ready, but they could do a french press for me, which is how my love for french press coffee from cafes (I already owned one at home) began. It really is that much better. I got the decaf honduras. Seriously amazing.

the most perfect cup of coffee. ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

After coffee, I went to Standing Stone Brewery for dinner – which to be honest was a little disappointing. The beer was fabulous but the food fell a bit short. :( I sorta wish I tried something from these pickled jars though.. I love all things pickled. <3

pickled . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

standing stone . ashland, oregon . canon 5dmk2

. . . . . . . . . . .

Ashland, my roots. Or at least, where my roots began. It felt good to be here, to be reconnecting with this… space. lol, I don’t know how else to explain it really. It’s a beautiful little town, with so much character and charm. One could argue that with the festival, it could be too geared towards touritsts, but I didn’t feel this way at all. It held it’s own. I struck up conversations with everyone around me, and just thought it was all around lovely.

I just love Oregon, I do.

Part two on it’s way.


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6 Responses to “clarity . {the west coast roadtrip 09} . ashland . part one.”

  1. Hau says:

    Ashland sounds like a quaint town :) It seems so lush, green, and full of artistry. I really need to visit Oregon, soon!

    And, I profess a profound love for French press coffee! <3 Almost as much as my love for smooth froths in cappuccinos.

  2. ap says:

    Thanks for sharing Ashland thru your (photographic) eyes, Susan! It’s soul beautiful!

  3. Not that I want you to quit weddings …. but I LOVE your travel images … more, please. :)

  4. Alertashanon says:

    Thanks for your amazingly lovely pictures! You really captured our town so beautifully. Unfortunately, the Ashland Springs Hotel is owned by the Church OF Scientology’s favorite lackeys, Doug and Becky Neuman. Don’t let the Scilons kill us…

  5. lizsong says:

    the images from your trip are so moving. it pulls me in, and it makes me so curious about all that you experienced…. powerful.

  6. Susan says:

    thanks everyone, i really appreciate all your comments. <3 more coming along!