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the linkery.

March 9, 2010

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Since I’ve already professed how much I love The Linkery before, of course I had to go back for more. ;)

(Definitely get a link, and their pickled eggs! MmMmm. I love pickled anything!)

cooking, cooking, cooking.

February 27, 2010

heaven sent desserts.

February 23, 2010

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One of my favorite dessert places is Heaven Sent Desserts in North Park. I actually prefer them over the *other* well-known dessert place in Hillcrest based on taste! These desserts hit home much more, like the apple crumble I shared with a friend – so delicious! I want to go back for more.

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Another food post with Ms Denise! This time it’s a chili & chocolate drink mixed in with sweet potato! Yum, it was a perfect end to the pozole she made (which will come at another time!)

See the recipe for the drink (& the rest of the images) here. :)

tea upon chatsworth.

February 11, 2010

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Quite possibly one of the funnest dining experiences I’ve had (I felt like I was in England!), was when I met a friend for high tea at Tea Upon Chatsworth in Point Loma. We were pampered with a wide selection of all their teas, and all these photo-worthy delectable treats! Their lemon scones are soooo yummy (not dry at all), their corn chowder is so savory, and a favorite of mine is their little trifle, which is the second to last image. I felt like such a lady here, and everyone was all so nice. Plus I loved their mismatched decor and tea cups everywhere! Such a fun time :) If you ever want to try this lovely place, I believe you will need to make a reservation, as space is small here, and it seems to be quite popular.

10.02.05 the linkery

Not very many restaurants make me just so happy after being there, but oh my goodness, The Linkery does. The atmosphere? Awesome. The waitstaff? Wonderful. The food? Amazing (especially the links!!). And best of all, you can just feel how much the people who work and run the place really care about the food & where the food comes from (supporting mostly local farms). It makes the meal that much more special – which makes the whole dining experience just that – an experience. A truly wonderful one too! I am so totally going back, and the sooner the better ;)

(I do think their philosophy on food is just the best, especially since I am currently reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma!)

10.02.05 the linkery open