your life is filled with magic . {why i create: the passion & purpose behind my photography.}

April 7, 2015

It was over 10 years ago when I picked my first SLR, while I was in college, studying to be a graphic designer. I never considered a path in photography until all signs in life pointed that way a few years into the program, and I heeded to the call. Photography was to become my passion, and life’s work.

I was drawn to the medium because it put my biggest strength at the forefront — taking what’s in front of me, and creating something beautiful from it. I was never one of those artists that could imagine this huge elaborate scene or idea in my head from nothing. I always needed something in front of me to build off of, to work off of. To combine together. Fortunately for me, this is one of the most wonderful things about photography, as it allows me to take what I see in front of me, and interpret what I see it for others to take in.

It allows me express what I see and feel into an image, when I can’t find the words.

More or less, It allows others to see how I view the world.

And what do I see when I look around?


But what does magic even mean?

Magic to me, is the intersection of authentic life & beauty.

You see, deep down at heart, I am a huge optimist. I mean, HUGE. I live life through rose colored glasses, especially through the camera lens (not literally though ;)). I put my powers of optimism at work when I’m creating imagery, by sharing the best that I see in people (& the world) through authentic images.

When I first started shooting weddings, I did it for the fantastical ideal of weddings. The white dress, the romance, the sparkles, the drama — those were the things I loved when I first started. I love photographing what felt like a day of fantasy. Over time, my focus ended up shifting though, from the ideal of weddings, to the beauty of moments & people. I love photographing moments, and I love photographing people in those moments. I love authenticity. I love it when people are their honest selves, because there is SO much beauty in that.

I love sharing with people that particular authentic & honest beauty with them, through photographs that I take.

When I take photos of things, I want people to walk away feeling like they felt what I felt. Like they experienced what I experienced. To see the awe, wonder & beauty I see in that moment, and put it into a tangible image.

When I take photographs of people, I want people to see the beauty that I see in them, and who they truly are. Being an optimist works well in this case, because I can take all those wonderful things I see in people, and capture them in an image, for them to experience themselves.

I want people to see the magic I see in them.

I want you to see the magic I see in you. In your life. In your experiences, and in all those moments that come together that formulate your life.

I want you to have incredibly beautiful images that tell the story of your time on this earth, images that you want to look at over and over, images that show your magnificence, images that make you feel. I want you to have images that make you love being alive.

That is why I love photography. That is why I love to create. There is too much beauty in this world not the share, there is too much beauty in every person not to be able to show it to them.

There is too much magic everywhere.

My passion, my purpose in photography, is the share all the beautiful things that I see, all the wonderful things that I feel, and all the magic that I see in each one of you for you to have forever.

This is why I create.


Come journey with me.

12 Responses to “your life is filled with magic . {why i create: the passion & purpose behind my photography.}”

  1. Caryn says:

    Oh, these are beautiful!

  2. Puja Visaya says:

    Loved reading your post on your passion for photography. Who knows where else it will lead you.

  3. Paul Amarok says:

    Inspirational !

  4. Sarah says:

    Really great words here. You can see the way photography lights you up just from your photos. Beautiful.

  5. Amazing – the entire post!

  6. Rachael says:

    Beautiful photos, lovely work.

  7. Tyler says:

    Love the words to this. That first image left me staring. So rad.

  8. Shyann says:

    Some really stunning images!! Love the 4th one down.

  9. ayesha says:

    YASSS. this is exactly how i feel. beautifully put and beautifully illustrated! you sure are in the right business :)

  10. bryan says:

    exactly. such beautiful writing and thoughts. thank you.

  11. caroline says:

    yes! i love all of this. so many great frames and moments here. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  12. Aaron says:

    Beautiful photos with beautiful accompanying words. You’re definitely on the right track, thanks for sharing :)