nayomi x alan . point reyes engagement session

January 9, 2017

point reyes, california

I love shooting in Point Reyes.  The hills, the trees, the air, the ocean, everything about the area coalesces into a beautiful landscape that captures the imagination and takes you back to eons gone by.  Growing up in Northern California, I sadly wasn’t a regular to this area, but my significant other loves taking me here to reminisce the adventures he had here and swoon over the curiosity of youth spent galavanting on the trails.  When Nayomi and Alan asked to shoot here, I jumped at the chance to once again visit this beautiful area, and I look forward to spending even more time here as the years go by.  I hope it has become a place where they can go back to after decades of marriage, relive their engagement and remember the love they wished to embody by capturing the start of their commitment together here.


3 Responses to “nayomi x alan . point reyes engagement session”

  1. Jessie says:

    Love the shot of them dancing in the middle of the road. Beautiful.

  2. toni says:

    What a beautiful session! Magical light! I LOVE the photo of them hugging on the tree lined road.

  3. These are sooo amazing… They’re taking me back to my honeymoon…I want to go back! And have you take pictures of us. :D