memory film.

June 3, 2008

Sometimes, being a photographer for your job, you get tired of bringing your camera everywhere in life. Before I became a photographer as a profession, I would have my camera with me ALL the time. It was glued to my hip. Afterwards though, you saw it on me less and less. Every now and then I’ll bring a different type of camera with me when I go out, just to mix it up; to play with it. :)

There are moments best captured in the film of memory, though. I had a lovely weekend with my dear old friend, whom I see a few times a year. We hung out, chatted about life, love, the past present and future. We visited lovely spots that were gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and I truly enjoyed the moments as they happened in front of me. And I didn’t bring a camera with me once. Sometimes, moments like those are better for your memory than they are for film. :)

Good for the soul, I think. :)

One Response to “memory film.”

  1. alldoneup says:

    lol, me and my friends sometimes go clubbing and if I don’t bring a camera I feel as if the moment never happened…it’s ridiculous I know because the pictures are almost always blurry from me being a little (intoxicated…shhh) and of course I always have fun anyways and even more so when I’m not worrying about losing the camera so I don’t know why I take my little sony camera almost everywhere I go.

    I’m going to take this post to heart ….because I’d rather be in moment rather than miss it getting out the camera and such. =/