it’s live!

June 12, 2012

For the past few years, I have been photographing lots of personal work (& sometimes I even blog about it here!) but I finally have a space to showcase this labor of love.

I am also now available for editorial, dance & freelance photography commissions — please shoot me an email if interested! hello [at] susan-yee [dot] com

Here’s to things to come! *


One Response to “it’s live!”

  1. LOVE your new space! Everything fits together so beautifully and I just spent way too long ooohing and ahhing over your travel photos. :) I’ve seen your work before (thru Brandi on Not Your Average Ordinary), but I didn’t realize you were the same photographer until I clicked on your blog and realized I’m already following you, haha!

    Anyway, loveloveLOVE and good job!