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Corn Island & San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

I am finally getting around to posting these images from Nicaragua! Almost a year ago, we embarked on an adventure to Central America to capture Brandon & Zandi’s wedding. After the wedding on Corn Island, we headed to the mainland of Nicaragua, and made our way to where we’d be staying the rest of the trip — San Juan del Sur. The images in this post are from just before we left the island, to our last day at San Juan del Sur (which produced the most amazing sunset that day, shown above).

The place we stayed at was this lovely little home, that looked over the city. The most awesome thing about it was that the living & cooking space were all outdoors, so we spent many meals overlooking the ocean and city, and watched thunderstorms pass over almost every night we were there. Our place was even struck by lighting, which actually affected Zach — he blacked out for a second during that event — it was all pretty crazy.

In addition, we went on hikes, hung out at the local cafe and took buses to the famous local surf spot, Playa Maderas, where Zach tried his hand at 16-22 foot waves. Mostly though, we enjoyed our time together in a completely different country and absorbing life in a whole new place. My favorite thing about the whole experience, beyond spending time with Zach and learning more about myself, was actually the joy I got out of living as simply as we did. There is something beautiful about living only with what you need, and nothing more. It opens up life in a way that allows us to focus more on experiences, and living, which I think allows more  room for bliss and happiness in the everyday.

san diego, california

I am so happy to be sharing these images today! Two weekends ago (which happened to be Mother’s Day weekend) I was able to do a shoot with Nikki & her goobery cute daughter, Immi. Inspired by light, lace, and silliness, we created magic in the park that day.

Wardrobe Styling by Susan Yee
Flower crown made by Nikki, check her Etsy shop, The Scalloped Window to get one yourself!


tomales bay, california.

What seems to be a somewhat-sort-of annual thing that we do around Thanksgiving has turned into one of my favorite things to do ever. There’s something about being out in the bay on a canoe, powered by your own strength, while you’re sourcing your own food. After it got too dark to see, we stayed out on the bay, laying in our canoes and playing with the magical bioluminescence (algae in the water that sparkles and glows in the dark when you move it). It was a huge delight, and I hope we can make this more of an annual tradition in the future. :)

Canon AE-1 Program
Fuji Superia 400
Kodak Portra 160

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encinitas, california

An all film photoshoot worthy of a “goodbye” to California from a dancer who loves the ocean.

Model/Dancer: Tiffany Kadani
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe Styled by: Susan Yee


Magic & play should be a part of the everyday. :)

(A first foray in photographing a family on film)

After our session was mostly wrapped, Cassidy and I decided to do a few photos for her blog. I love her desk!

Little Rylie’s look styled by Susan Yee