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The San Diego Fires…

October 22, 2007

This morning I woke up to the doorbell being run numerous times – our friend had come by to tell us that our area was having a mandatory evacuation. At first I was in a panic – I didn’t know what to pack! But then I went into turbo mode, and packed all the things that I knew I simply could not replace, and packed the car up and headed north to our friend’s place. As we headed from our place, we took the PCH, and headed up through Encinitas, where it was completely awful. When we reached Carlsbad, it was like night and day. The skies are still blue here, it’s pretty crazy.

I took a few photos on the way up and I will probably be posting more once this all dies down, but I just wanted to post as I went. I saw the fires overhead as I flew in from Sacramento last night, I didn’t realized how large of a magnitude this would get.

My thoughts are with those immediately affected right now, we’re praying for those who have already lost homes, and those who are praying for their own home’s safety (like we are right now!)

Thank you SO much to everyone who have offered their homes and their help. It makes me warm and fuzzy to know how many people care and makes you realize how important people and the things you actually take with you are. I will still be checking my email and I still have my cell phone. I’m going to try and get some work done while we are waiting, but it’s still pretty crazy.

Cardiff By The Sea

The smoke billowing over in Carlsbad

I’ll keep everyone posted if I find out more info, but for now, please keep us and others affected in your prayers!